To all our respondents, our deepest respect and gratitude

Thank you for being a respondent in our Survey. We have officially close the survey and at the moment we are analyzing the results.

We finally received 1,280 respondents, with 801 valid responses. This is a remarkable number and it is all because of you. We feel humbled, and we thank you from the bottom of our heart.

We will use the result from the survey to brew a new, exciting website. The website will be called:

Wujudkan is a website that allows Indonesian artists and creators get funding and supports for their projects from their fans/network. We know (and you have also confirmed it in our survey) that Indonesia doesn’t lack creativity, what our creative people lack is support. They have a hard time finding financing for their projects, because they usually try to find it from one or two big investors, government funding, or international funding. This method can only support a fraction of creators, leaving many interesting projects unrealized, even though they have their own audience, their own market (no matter how niched) and their own fans. With Wujudkan we want to enable creators to get funding from their audience or fans by doing pre-sale of their products, exclusive merchandises, or VIP events related to the project. This way, the fan doesn’t become a passive audience at the end of the spectrum anymore, but an active stakeholder in the projects from the creators they like.

We plan to go live in February 2012. When the time comes, we’ll send you another email to let you know of the good news. We hope you’ll take our hand and we walk side by side, together to support creative projects from Indonesia.

Thank you.


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