We have something brewing for you

Welcome to our blog.

We are a group of people who believe that Indonesia doesn’t lack creativity, what our creative people lack is support. They have a hard time finding financing for their projects, because they usually try to find it from one or two big investors, government funding, or international funding. This method can only support a fraction of creators, leaving many interesting projects unrealized, even though they have their own audience, their own market (no matter how niched) and their own fans.

I know this first hand, because I’m one of them.

Right now, we are preparing a website where everyone can take part and support creative projects that they think should be made. The website will be called Wujudkan, and if you go to wujudkan.com right now, you can leave your email address so we know where to contact you when the site’s ready. And it won’t be long anymore 🙂

We will soon unveil the site, and you can soon see and browse through the interesting projects we have selected for you. Through three simple steps of what we call: FIND – FUND – FUN, you can:

1. FIND projects that you think should be made and tweet or reshare about it through your social network accounts,

2. FUND the projects to make sure it gets made, and

3. Have FUN getting the love and the gratitude and the rewards from the creators!

If you’re a creator who has a project that needs support, send your work through the website, and when it gets featured, all you have to do is CAMPAIGN – COLLECT – CREATE:

1. Do the CAMPAIGN on your project to raise funds through Wujudkan. Set-up the funding target, set-up the campaign duration, then spread the word everywhere, all the time.

2. When you meet (or exceed) your target budget by the end of the campaign, COLLECT the funds.

3. All you have to do now is CREATE! Make the project as you have always visioned it in your mind. But don’t forget to send the rewards you have promised to your supporters. Don’t lose their trust, and for sure they will support your next project!

Wujudkan is about us. Creators become free to bring their ideas into reality, free from constraints of money, and you get to choose which project you’d like to see materialized. With Wujudkan, you can help bring great creative projects to life.


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